Medical Services

Oil & Gas UK Medicals

Via our Medical Director, Dr Charlie Easmon, we are registered to conduct UK Oil and Gas Medicals. The fixed fee is £150.

There are no blood tests or X-rays. The appointment time is 30 minutes. You will need to bring a photo ID...


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Visa Medicals

We conduct visa medicals for the following areas:

Kuwait *, **

Saudi *, **

South Africa *, **

China *, **, ***

Cayman Islands *, **


Chest X-ray *

Blood tests **

ECG ***

Please bring photo ID.

We do NOT conduct visa medicals for Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


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Health Consultancy

YEHS can consult on any aspect of health care in the UK or overseas. Fees to be discussed on a case by case basis.

We are also co-founders of Global Health Action Strategies & Solutions www.ghass.co.uk

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Mental Health

Paid advice on mental health for individuals, companies and school is readily available. Paid talks and workshops can be tailored as required.


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Cruise Line Medicals

The YEHS team has more than 15 years experience in Cruise line Medicals and have attended several Miami week long conferences on Cruise line Health Issues. We have a fixed price for Cruise Line medicals of £450 (which includes the Chest X-ray)...


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Bespoke Medicals

Tell us what you need and what you are interested in having screened and we will consult and advise.

Please note that we do NOT do sexual health screening.


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We are delighted to offer testing for businesses, travellers and private individuals. Antigen tests range from £150-250 depending on urgency and may carry extra transport costs depending on how quickly results are needed.
To book call Nick Sullivan on 0207 5805467 or email nick@yourexcellenthealth.org